Jan 28, 2010

Watch out!! Or we might eat you!!

Update on our lives:
Well Ariel is on a hot date right now. Actually... she didn't want to go, but a date's a date right? And Christine had a date last week... And Tori and Alison are wallowing in loneliness, haha. But that's all the information we'll disclose on the blog about that... you can call us if you want more dirty details... we like phone calls... or texts cause we never get them anymore haha. Also, we went to a waffle party tonight and made some new friends. New friends are good. Here are some videos you may enjoy.

This is Tori when she got her letter from Barry. This is only 30 seconds of it hahaha.

Ariel is crazy flexible and can walk like this! AND it's freaking scary lol.

There are more videos on the way, but we're having trouble uploading. Enjoy!


  1. The video of Tori isn't public so I can't see it.

  2. I get pretty excited when I get a letter from Barry but maybe not that excited. Thanks for making the video work.