Nov 12, 2010

Christine! Check it! I totally just posted something...You should be Oh so Proud!

This is a post, to make one of my BEST FRIENDS, Christine, Happy. 

I, Tori, shall now make a blog post of my awesome life full of uneventful stories....

November 4 -8 my Mum and I went on a road trip to see my sisters. First we went to Provo to see the twinners. We had a blasty blast together like we always do and we saw the movie Megamind! Which if I do say so myself is stellar!
Quoting movies is a common occurrence when it comes to us Ford girls, "I say we go back to the evil lair, grab some ray guns, hold 'em sideways and just go all 'gangsta' on him."
We also act like retards when were all together.
Exhibit A:

I love them.


After 3 days with them we went up to Rexburg for 24 hours and I got to see my sister Melissa, and 2 of my other Best Friends, Alison and Kelli. I love those girls. Being in the Burg again felt so good, I can't wait to go back in two months. Except the whole time we were there it was SNOWING, which made me remember how much it sucks to walk to class in negative temperatures, still I'm pretty stoked for next semester.
(P.S I got all the classes I wanted/needed, WOO!!!!!)

The trip was way too short, and I wish that it was January already but soon Ariel and Christine will be home! I could not be more excited. It has been way to long since I've seen them and it's making me CRAZY!
 Now I just need to write a talk for this Sunday...EEK! I can feel the Butterflies already.

Nov 7, 2010

Recent News

CHRISTINE HERE! As usual... Tori and Ariel are too cool to blog, but I like to update our readers. Anywho, so the weekend of the 22-24 I went down to Bathurst for Ultimate Mixed Nationals. Newcastle had two teams that qualified, mine being the better one :) But then we were put into a really hard pool having to play hard teams early on, so we ended up finishing 15th. The other Newy team though had an easy pool and ended up finishing 5th! So Newcastle is 5th in the country! Yay! I still had a lot of fun, even though we didn't do too well. It was also awesome because I got to meet up with my friend from High School, Lisa Neyman. I played frisbee with her for a few years, and she is doing study abroad in Townsville, QLD. Her team up there came down to Nationals, and we actually played them our second game, so that was really cool. What was also quite fun, was a girl on my team looks exactly like me when she plays. When I got here apparently people called me "American Ellie" because I look so much like her. We have the same hair color/length, same figure, run the same, throw the same... Our faces are different but that's about it. So we would try to confuse people by wearing the same arm bands and taking off our hats. Here is a picture of us :)

So last week Adam and his dad were cleaning out the back yard, and found a red bellied black snake!!! REALLY poisonous. And the day before that, Liv and I found a blue tongued lizard in the back yard. That is when I realized that I really AM in Australia. That would never happen in the states. It is exciting though! This weekend they took out all the grass and put in all new grass in the back and in places in the backyard where there wasn't grass before. It looks really nice, I'll have to take a picture. Here is a picture of the Blue Tongued Lizard and some others. Bridie is my little model, she is adorable. She had a cute dress on so I just took heaps of pictures of her on Monday.

Below is Bridie's first experience painting. She actually didn't get too messy.

This is the watermelon we carved on Halloween. Pumpkins are out of season here so very expensive and hard to find. This is the way the Aussies do it... if they do it at all. Halloween isn't nearly as big here as it is in the States. Not very many people go trick-or-treating. And if they do, most houses wouldn't be prepared with candy. What a depressing childhood.