Dec 5, 2009

Okay, so for Single's ward FHE we had a "service auction" and Tori and I donated the service of writing a song for someone. So, Jake bought our service with 11 cans of food. Here is the video with the recording of the song, and we'll also give him the song on a CD on Sunday :) Enjoy!
I will also post the lyrics below the video.

VERSE: Proudly Flaunts, Oregon Law
But we all know that you came from Utah
Shirt that screams I’m the Boss
You thinks you're cool but it’s your Loss
Pimpin’ that Jeep you got all the style
Looking cool, every mile
Jake, Oh Jake, you’re our friend
It’ll stay that way till the end...
CHORUS: Of our stay in Eugene
Some of our crazy quirks you have seen
You say we’re just immature
But dancing with us you wish you were
Secretly you know the moves to Single ladies
You’ve been a dancing queen since the 1980’s.
Now you’ve stopped, because you are sure
That you need to be more mature
(Just remember come what may
This song was written for you Jake Day)
VERSE: Lawyers don’t dance to win a case
You just need an angry face
You spend all your time studying
We think you need counseling
Your head is full of nuts and bolts
We think you should marry Sarah Stoltz
Jake, Oh Jake, you’re our friend
It’ll stay that way till the end...
CHORUS: Of our stay in Eugene
Some of our crazy quirks you have seen
You say we’re just immature
But dancing with us you wish you were
Secretly you know the moves to Single ladies
You’ve been a dancing queen since the 1980’s.
Now you’ve stopped, because you are sure
That you need to be more mature
Just remember come what may
This song was written for you Jake Day.
VERSE: But when we return from BYU-I
You will tell us with a sigh
How much you missed our dance moves
And you will ask us to teach you too
You’ll be the best dancer around
Christine and Tori won’t make a sound
They knew the truth all along
It’s just been revealed in this song.

Dec 1, 2009

Tori's Oops Life

1. Oops! Tori's allergic to the facemask.

2.Oops! Tori caught on fire.

3. Oops! No one noticed...

4. Oops! Tori killed her car again.

5. Oops! She parked in front of a brick wall with cars on either side so no one can give her a jump.

6. Oops! Tori got a flat tire.

7. Oops! Tori tried to make cookies from an internet recipe.

8. Oops! Tori can't cut straight lines.

9. Oops! Tori can't put stickers down in a pattern.

10. Oops! Tori can't make snow flakes.

11. Oops! Tori wasn't told that Institute class was cancelled.

12. Oops! Tori deleted all her music on her ipod and itunes.

13. Oops! Tori was an Oops Baby!

14. Oops! "I think I'm weird shaped"

15.Oops! Tori knocked Edward out of the cup holder and screamed "OH EDWARD!" in a theater full of people.

16.Oops! Tori spoke with a Canadian accent instead of a southern accent

17. Oops! Tori left her car lights on...AGAIN!

18. Oops! Tori didn't see the ice and fell on her butt in front of a whole bunch of strangers.

19. Oops! Tori's flapping her arms instead of moving her body.

20.Oops! Tori's making camel noises instead of a giraffe.

21.Oops! Tori caught chocolate chip cookies on fire in the microwave.

22.Oops! Tori tried making a Pancake only to realize in the end that she accidentally grabbed the flour and not the pancake mix.

Nov 27, 2009

The OFFICIAL Bucket List

Our Bucket List of things to do:

1. Become best friends with Taylor Swift.

2. Learn all the words to "In The Beginning"-K'naan

3. Become a famous music group... Known as Mama Cass!

4. Make the C.W.A. known worldwide.

5. Get our storybook of Edward's Trip To The Big Apple published.

6. All nanny together in NY during our break from school.

7. Make sure Tori and Barry get married. *joke*

8. Meet Sandra Bullock.

9. Make Aprons and Pillow Cases for College.

10. Make Rachel Hansen throw us a "College" Shower.

Nov 22, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2009!!!

Hey everyone, Christine here! So Friday I had the opportunity to go up to Portland to see the top 10 from season 5 of SYTYCD perform! Everyone that season is just sooo phenomenal! Here are some of the highlights! I took some pretty awesome pics if I do say so myself :) And I recorded my favorite dances. There are about 15 videos, haha. I think I'll put like a third of those on here. They're all SPECTACULAR though, so it won't be a waste of your time to watch :)

The whole group. This was the opening routine.

Jason is FLYING! Oh man... I am in love with him :)

Top 3 girls. Superhero Routine

We'll just pretend that's me :) Haha. Caitlin is soo amazing!

Yep! He's my husband

Brandon and Kayla are both so good! I love this pic.

Jeanine is the winner of SYTYCD season 5! This was her solo.

The group again

This routine is intense :)

I love this one!! They totally make out at the end. I'm pretty jealous of Jeanine.

So since we decided that I'm Caitlin... I just made out with Jason. Just saying...

This was hilarious! The whole time, inbetween routines, Jeanine and Phillip would come on trying to do the Russian dance, and they'd get scolded. So they snuck on again, and then everyone jumped in!

These were the top 3 guys: Evan, Brandon and Ade. They're all amazing.

Vampire Dance!! Since most of us are twifans. Thought you might like this one.

Nov 20, 2009

"Oh Edward!"

TORI here. Thursday, was of course, NEW MOON PREMIERE DAY! Yay!

We made sure that Edward went everywhere with us. With some sneaky skills we caught him snagging us a stylish ride to the movie.

We had hours until we could get in line for our double feature of Twilight and New Moon, so we wasted time in Goodwill, where we found the perfect wedding dresses for when Edward finally decides which one of us 3 girls he's going to marry:)

Just in case it's not us, we have a back-up plan...

Wednesday night Christine and I had been watching ANTM (America's Next Top Model) season finale, where the final two girls get to walk the runway. Part of the make-up was an unreal amount of glitter all over their bodies. This gave me the best idea EVER for when we went to the New Moon Premiere. After some help from google, we found a place that sold spray body glitter that we could put on our faces and bodies to look just like Vampires!

After hours of waiting, it was time to Glitter ourselves like mad. I don't think I've ever seen so much glitter in my life. We coated our faces as well as we could, along with our arms and legs. But not only did we get sparkles on us but it is now covering my entire room. My rooms a mess...but Hey it's sparkly!:)

Here's some pictures from the night...

Waiting in line with Edward, who could not wait to see himself on the Big Screen.

We had a hard time being able to catch our glorious glittery-ness on camera..."It's the fluorescents."

"You can tell she's a good dancer by the way she drinks a Soda Pop!"

The Night was a Success. Our sparkling faces seemed to grab every ones attention. Everyone looked at us as if we were crazy. Christine and I were starting to wonder a little about our awesome idea. Luckily we ended up sitting next to a hilarious group of girls. One of which was so excited about our sparkly-ness that we glittered her up to. She could not wait to go to her college class the next morning to show it off. Oh the people you meet while waiting for movie premieres.

The funniest part of the night was how distracted Christine and I kept getting during the movie by each others sparkling faces. Anytime we'd turn to comment on something we had to tell each other how twinkly the other was.

The movie was AMAZING! Of course it wasn't the same with out Ariel:( but when she gets back will for sure go see it again. Anyways we definitely recommend it! So go see it! DO IT! You know you want to:)


Nov 18, 2009

Edward Bought Us Tickets for Twilight and the New Moon Premiere!!!!


He obviously loves us more than you. 'Nuff said.


BYU-I Class Schedules

It's almost here!!!

Soon we Mama Cass Girls head off to experience college at its finest! It's been a long hard process after stressing out for last couple of days trying to figure out our schedules, we've finally completed the task and decided to share with you the our amazing decisions.

Tori's SUPER AWESOME Classes:
FDMAT 108 (Math) 10:15-11:15am Melanie Kennelly (3 Credits)
FDENG 101 (English) 11:30-12:30pm Andra Hansen (3 Credits)
FDHUM 101 (Humanities) 2:00-3:00pm Brian Atkinson (3 Credits) *might drop this class*

FDSCI 101 (Science) 7:45-8:45am Brian Lemon (2 Credits)
FDAMF 101 (American Foundations) 9:45-11:15am Eric Walz (3 Credits)
FDREL 121 (Book of Mormon) 11:30-12:30pm Philip Allred (2 Credits)

Total Credits: 16 Woo! Bring it!
*Possible Major in English with a Minor in Humanities*

CHRISTEEEEN'S superb shchedule!
MATH 205 (Fund. Num. Theory) 10:15-11:15am Richard Pieper [3 credits]
FDENG 101 (Found. English) 11:30am-12:30pm Andra Hansen [3 credits]

FDSCI 101 (Found. Science) 7:45-8:45am Brian Lemon [2 credits]
FDAMF 101 (American Found.) 9:45-11:15am Eric Walz [3 credits] (*might drop this course*)
FDREL 121 (Book of Mormon) 11:30am-12:30pm Phillip Alred [2 credits]

SPAN 201 (Spanish Second Year) 12:45-1:45pm Rachel Peck [4 credits]

MATH 114 (Calculus Teacher) 10:15-11:15 Mystery Teacher [4 credits] (*might add this course*)
So some of my credits from LCC didn't transfer "directly" so I may have to take Calculus II (even though I took it last year). Since it's M/T/T/F from 10:15-11:15, I would have to drop American Foundations. This is most likely what will happen, as soon as the credits show up for Calculus I, I can sign up for Calculus II... If it's not full by then . And then I'll have 15 credits, not 17, which is more manageable.
Major: Math Education
Minor: Spanish Education

Ariel's Schedule:
7:45-8:45 German, Bob Schwarz
3:15-4:15 Child Development, Kelly McCoy

11:30-12:30 BOM, Phillip Allred
12:45-1:45 Global Hotspot 201, Michael Madsen
3:15-4:45 Real World Math 108, Brad Garner

Total Credits: 14
I'm also currently signed up for an English class but I don't think I'm going to take it. It would put me up to 17 credits which is just too much.

Major:Child Development
Minor: Professional Preschool Associates Degree

Nov 17, 2009

Mama Cass Moments

Hello Everyone! Christine here. So if you were wondering what this whole "Mama Cass" thing is, I will inform you! :) The Proposal is our favorite movie, and we pretty much quote it all the time. At the very end, Ramone sings "God Bless America" then says "That's a great song... Mama Cass!" And it's totally and completely random, and we didn't know what it meant. But now we know it's Mama Cass from the Mama's and the Papa's. Still completely random. Anywho, we just thought that it would be a cool, somewhat clever name for our trio :) Without futher adieu, here is a Mama Cass video and some moments you missed out on. :)

The Mama Cass Cuddle video

This is an original song. Lyrics by Tori, guitar by Christine. Vocals by Christine and Tori :)


On Halloween, Tori and I teamed up to be Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus. Here are some pictures of the best of both worlds :)


Photobucket Photobucket

The amazing Junior Unit Leaders. Or "Junits".

SKUNK BAIT!!! OOO HAHA!! *mating call*


Junits reunite!!! :)


Beach Trips!!!!


Ariel is tall????



Edward's Trip to the Big Apple

Edward's Trip to the Big Apple


On a bright autumn morning Christine and Ariel awoke to the excited squeals of Edward. He was so excited that he lept on top of them to wake them up, eager to travel into the Big Apple.



As usual he insisted on driving.


But seeing as he couldn't reach the gas pedal, he eventually settled for the dashboard.


This was obviously very illegal, so Christine and Ariel eventually convinced him to buckle up.


They arrived at the train station with some time to kill, so Edward decided to ride the scooter.


He was of course a pro with the sweetest tricks.



Disappointed that Deer Park was not actually inhabited with deer, Edward sulked by the Deer Park sign, waiting for the train to arrive.


Edward and his immortal self is always the one flirting with danger.



Once on the train, Edward was very excited to give the conductor his train ticket.


Edward was sure to check all of the Emergency Exits to ensure safe exit in the case of an emergency.


During the very long train ride, Edward informed the girls that he could impersonate Zoolander magnificently. Christine and Ariel insisted that he showed off this unique skill.




Blue Steel.


Over protective as usual, Edward reminded the girls to "watch the gap" before exiting the train.


When they got off the train, they boarded a ferry headed towards Liberty Island to see Edward's favorite monument.


On the way to the island, Edward warmed up his Liberty arm.


Right next to Lady Liberty, Edward showed off his grace, beauty, and poise.


He then declared that it would look much better if there were a "Statue of Mr. Edward Liberty"


After the beautiful ferry ride back to shore, Edward helped the girls locate the Manhattan Temple. He was eventually successful, after getting the girls lost for over 20 minutes, and was rather irritated by the time he finally found it.


His irritation soon turned into joy once he realized that this was the place that he could, one day, be sealed to his eternal companion.


All he had to do was choose one...


After visiting the Temple, Edward suggested they take a stroll through central park. He spotted some leaves...


After quite an eventful day, Edward grew weak and needed to replenish. OM NOM NOM NOM!!


The llamas did not suffice, so Edward retreated to the Central Park Wildlife Center.


What occured next is not suitable for young children.


Leaving the park, Edward spotted a sign with which he very much agreed.


On the way back to the train station, Edward became giddy when he saw Times Square.


And even more so when he spotted himself on the New Moon billboard!


Edward hopped back into Christine's pocket...


And later into Ariel's, to await the next adventure.