Apr 15, 2010

Lunch with the most fabulous Rachel :)

So yesterday Tori, Ariel, Mikaylah, Rachel, and I (Christine) got together for lunch at Papa's Pizza. It was so fun, and Christian entertained us. Here is why...

What cuties!

In Delaney's pants, Christian lovingly placed two balls from the ball pit. He then dragged her all the way over to the table to show us. Hahaha!

And this is what else Christian was doing with the balls from the ball pit. SO funny!!!!

Also, in other news: Christine bought her mandolin yesterday!! This is what it looks like
And this is something I made up, and kinda improvised as I played. It sounds cool though I think :)

Apr 11, 2010

Nasty Fridge... Prelude to Clean Checks

last week sometime Christine (me) and Alison went through all of the nasty food in our fridge and washed all of the tupperware (well, Alison didn't help wash it lol). I just had a fun time watching Alison freak out as I dumped all the food in the bag haha.

Also, on Friday we all had to clean the apartment for white glove clean checks. We pretty much spent the entire day on it, and Tori spent the longest because she had to clean the kitchen and it took over 6 hours to do. Crazy stuff! But now we're home and we're all really happy inside! The weather is BEAUTIFUL! You have no idea how much we all missed the green :)

Apr 8, 2010

Ariel's Shuttle Accident

So as some as you already know, Ariel was riding the salt lake express back to Rexburg really late Monday night and was suppose to get in around 2 am. That night it snowed like a mad man and I (Tori) was suppose to pick up Ariel from the Hart building as soon as she called me. At 3:30 I woke up and wondered how come I hadn't heard from her yet, checking my phone I found a Text message that basically said that the shuttle had flipped and she was okay but they were taking everyone to the hospital. Poor Ariel didn't make it home tell 7am:( and it's finals week.

Ariel was drugged with muscle relaxants and pain killers and when she came in the door she was pretty loopy and could barely stay awake. She told me that only 3 people had their seat belts on, her, the driver, and one other. The Shuttle had an unnecessary trailer on the back and it start fishtailing then the whole van slid off the road into a ditch and flipped over. A cowboy that was not buckled fell right on top of her, he's completely fine, but now she's somewhat damaged. She's having back, shoulder, and a little neck pain.

We've still got her on the drugs and we find her pretty hilarious when she's on them. Her Accident really had us freaked for a while and were all really glad to have her home and safe. But for those who like a glimpse of Ariel loopy, here is a link to our roommate Alison's blog. She posted a video of her on her high. The video says it's 22 min long but it's only like ten.

Apr 3, 2010

Weeee! Temple Square! And Utah!

Temple Square, Saturday April 3rd. We went up to SLC after the second session of Conference and happened to be there right before the Priesthood session started. Because of this, there were hotties all around us. We were very much enjoying that. Also!! We were walking, and I was trying to take sneaky pics of the hotties and Tori and the guy who plays Mark in the movie Charly totally made full on eye contact! I saw him too, but barely before he walked into a building that we couldn't go in. It was crazy! And he looks exactly the same in real life! Awesome!! Anyways, these are some of our fun pics from the day. And sorry that they're out of order :) Some are from Friday as well.

Crazy Karate kick! Very appropriate in front of the temple... okay maybe not. :D heheweee!! Marry me! hahaha. We had fun taking jumping pics... and I'm pretty sure people must have thought we were crazy. hehehe
It's like in All About Steve when she says "We can have cute little people on our wedding cake posing like this"... that's what we were going for.

Then I had Taylor Lautner stand in for me, cause he happened to be walking right by. :)
This is on Friday at University mall, we got to do some shopping :))
We went jeans shopping at DI! It was a jackpot, for real! We both got a pair of super cheap jeans!
Our friend Ben makes puppets apparently and is freaking amazing at it!
Sorry these pics are kind of (really) out of order. My bad. We were trying to sneak pictures of all the hotties in Temple Square. We happened to be there right before the Priesthood Session.
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