Feb 23, 2011

And so the Oops Life Continues

Remember FOREVER ago when we put up a list of my (Tori's) Oops life and all the ridiculous things that like to happen to me. Well, just when I thought I had escaped the grasp of the unlucky, I fell head first right back in.
The third week of school here I caught bronchitis, it took me 3 days of wanting to die before I let my roommates take me to Urgent Care that weekend. The next day Christine was promptly driven to Urgent Care because she began to have symptoms, and the next day Ariel and Kelli joined the crew of Sickies. We were down for about a week. I'm almost positive our apartment smelled like death.
Then on Wednesday night, Ariel and I were feeling a little better and wanted to test how well we would do outside of the apartment. So we decided to go on a late night Wal-mart run. This was our first mistake. NEVER should two sick people try and drive in the dark on icy roads to go wander aimlessly in Wal-mart. Anyways, the roads were awful, so I was driving SUPER careful and INCREDIBLY slow because I was driving my Dad's car ( We were suppose to switch back in Spring, when the roads to get to the Burg are better). When I turned on the street that Wal-mart is on I was trying to turn into the closest lane but slid right into the second. Luckily there was no one else on the road so it was ok. Or so we thought. An Astro Van pulled out about a hundred feet in front of me from Craigo's trying to go the opposite direction that we were going and started spinning. The Next 10 seconds felt like the slowest minute in my life. It was very apparent that they were going to hit us, especially since Ariel was in the passenger seat going, "Oh no! Oh NO! There gonna hit us! Oh No!" Trying to make the hit as little damaging as possible I tried hitting my brakes but I only started to slide, so then I pulled closer to the curb towards a drive way  hoping that maybe we could slide parallel with out touching but no. The Astro van was still spinning and there passenger end hit my driver side passenger door and slammed my other end into a telephone pole. Now some of you may be thinking that I should have not of tried to turn my car too, but to you I say, "Oh ye of little Faith!" Because I turned the car, the Astro Van hit my back door instead of the my door, and shoved my back corner into the pole instead of Ariel into the pole. Even though No one was hurt and the Astro Van had basically no damage, I know that someone else was helping me guide the car that night.  After we had hit and we had both pulled ourselves into a drive way to call the police and make a report and all that fun stuff,  we stood outside in negative temperatures for about 20 min. Neither Ariel or I were dressed very appropriately for the occasion. I had a thin jacket and slippers on, and Ariel was in Her bright pink Spandex with shorts and slippers (She looked awesome!I'm pretty sure the cops were laughing at her too.) Needless to say it was a long night! Something that could only be made better by a midnight run to Rameriez (BEST BREAKFAST BURRITOS EVER! Ok maybe not that great but they're Good!) No worries, we didn't drive that time.

This picture doesn't really do justice, but the door handle did fall off....

This is where we hit the telephone pole, we actually knocked a little wire off the pole too. But we didn't break any light bulbs, so that was a plus. My Dad sent me a new tail light and Christine and I fixed it all by ourselves. (We feel pretty AWESOME!)
And this little guy is a piece of the Astro Van. Yes Lodged in my tire. It never went flat which was nice but it was wedged in there pretty dang good. But Yay Les Schwab! They took it out for Free:)

Feb 22, 2011

You've Been Punk'd!

So we came home from church on Sunday and our apartment looked like this:

We couldn't figure out who the heck could have done it, everyone we thought of was either out of town or at church with us (or so we thought). We eventually found out later that someone popcorned our FHE brothers' apartment, and they thought it was us, so they left church during Sunday school, broke into our apartment, and flipped everything upside-down. So now, they owe us dinner :) Then, Monday night we dropped off a bag of popcorn on their doorstep with a note saying "Ha ha! You'll never know." We didn't do the original popcorn prank, but they were really confused who did it, so we thought we'd try to confuse them even more, haha.

More updates coming soon.