Jan 30, 2010

Pictures from Boredom and Bowling!!!

Last Weekend Tori, Alison, Kelli, and Christine went Bowling and had a Blasty Blast. Ariel was being a good girl and stayed home to finish her homework so sadly she wasn't with us for our fun time but we went to the Tetons Bowling Center and it was awesome. They have a DJ for cosmic bowling on Friday/Saturday nights and randomly he'll have the next bowlers for each lane do some sort of competition, like laying on your stomach and pushing the ball as hard as you can and who ever knocks down the most pins, wins free Jamba Juice! Sweet, right?!
These are some of our pictures that we took while we were waiting for a lane to open.

Christine and Tori being weirdos before going to our Home Teachers for Dinner.(Which was an experience) We also made a video during this time but unfortunately were having technical difficulties.


  1. So I think that Rachel and I are going to move to Rexburg and be your roommates! You guys have WAY too much fun!!!

  2. Do it!!!!! Or at least come visit!!! We need Mom hugs!!!:)