Nov 27, 2009

The OFFICIAL Bucket List

Our Bucket List of things to do:

1. Become best friends with Taylor Swift.

2. Learn all the words to "In The Beginning"-K'naan

3. Become a famous music group... Known as Mama Cass!

4. Make the C.W.A. known worldwide.

5. Get our storybook of Edward's Trip To The Big Apple published.

6. All nanny together in NY during our break from school.

7. Make sure Tori and Barry get married. *joke*

8. Meet Sandra Bullock.

9. Make Aprons and Pillow Cases for College.

10. Make Rachel Hansen throw us a "College" Shower.


  1. i loved all these up until #10. you're so dead!

  2. In my defense... on facebook you have NO pictures of just you... so I chose a funny one :)

  3. you do realize what i was doing there, right???? LOL

  4. LOL!!! That's great! I think you're right, Rachel should throw you a shower!!

  5. Rachel is throwing us a shower?! AWESOME!!! You da best rachel! LOL

    Oh and note from me, #7 is no joke as far as I'm concerned, it would be a beautiful union! hahaha

  6. Well... did you get your shower? And does #7 have to be a joke? He is so dang cute and one heck of a catch!! hehehe

  7. Haha yes we did! And it was AMAZING!!! And as far as were concerned it's not a joke hehehe we just don't want to freak anyone out.