Dec 1, 2009

Tori's Oops Life

1. Oops! Tori's allergic to the facemask.

2.Oops! Tori caught on fire.

3. Oops! No one noticed...

4. Oops! Tori killed her car again.

5. Oops! She parked in front of a brick wall with cars on either side so no one can give her a jump.

6. Oops! Tori got a flat tire.

7. Oops! Tori tried to make cookies from an internet recipe.

8. Oops! Tori can't cut straight lines.

9. Oops! Tori can't put stickers down in a pattern.

10. Oops! Tori can't make snow flakes.

11. Oops! Tori wasn't told that Institute class was cancelled.

12. Oops! Tori deleted all her music on her ipod and itunes.

13. Oops! Tori was an Oops Baby!

14. Oops! "I think I'm weird shaped"

15.Oops! Tori knocked Edward out of the cup holder and screamed "OH EDWARD!" in a theater full of people.

16.Oops! Tori spoke with a Canadian accent instead of a southern accent

17. Oops! Tori left her car lights on...AGAIN!

18. Oops! Tori didn't see the ice and fell on her butt in front of a whole bunch of strangers.

19. Oops! Tori's flapping her arms instead of moving her body.

20.Oops! Tori's making camel noises instead of a giraffe.

21.Oops! Tori caught chocolate chip cookies on fire in the microwave.

22.Oops! Tori tried making a Pancake only to realize in the end that she accidentally grabbed the flour and not the pancake mix.


  1. Wow Tori...that is an IMPRESSIVE "oops" list! Way to go! :-)

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty sure we forgot a ton of them but I'll acquire a whole bunch more when I get to school lol! So stay tuned!

  3. Oops! Tori killed her car trying to get gas last night...