Nov 20, 2009

"Oh Edward!"

TORI here. Thursday, was of course, NEW MOON PREMIERE DAY! Yay!

We made sure that Edward went everywhere with us. With some sneaky skills we caught him snagging us a stylish ride to the movie.

We had hours until we could get in line for our double feature of Twilight and New Moon, so we wasted time in Goodwill, where we found the perfect wedding dresses for when Edward finally decides which one of us 3 girls he's going to marry:)

Just in case it's not us, we have a back-up plan...

Wednesday night Christine and I had been watching ANTM (America's Next Top Model) season finale, where the final two girls get to walk the runway. Part of the make-up was an unreal amount of glitter all over their bodies. This gave me the best idea EVER for when we went to the New Moon Premiere. After some help from google, we found a place that sold spray body glitter that we could put on our faces and bodies to look just like Vampires!

After hours of waiting, it was time to Glitter ourselves like mad. I don't think I've ever seen so much glitter in my life. We coated our faces as well as we could, along with our arms and legs. But not only did we get sparkles on us but it is now covering my entire room. My rooms a mess...but Hey it's sparkly!:)

Here's some pictures from the night...

Waiting in line with Edward, who could not wait to see himself on the Big Screen.

We had a hard time being able to catch our glorious glittery-ness on camera..."It's the fluorescents."

"You can tell she's a good dancer by the way she drinks a Soda Pop!"

The Night was a Success. Our sparkling faces seemed to grab every ones attention. Everyone looked at us as if we were crazy. Christine and I were starting to wonder a little about our awesome idea. Luckily we ended up sitting next to a hilarious group of girls. One of which was so excited about our sparkly-ness that we glittered her up to. She could not wait to go to her college class the next morning to show it off. Oh the people you meet while waiting for movie premieres.

The funniest part of the night was how distracted Christine and I kept getting during the movie by each others sparkling faces. Anytime we'd turn to comment on something we had to tell each other how twinkly the other was.

The movie was AMAZING! Of course it wasn't the same with out Ariel:( but when she gets back will for sure go see it again. Anyways we definitely recommend it! So go see it! DO IT! You know you want to:)



  1. Your sparkly selves were GORGEOUS!

  2. How beautiful and sparkly you both are!! I love it!

  3. Haha! How come I didn't see this before? lol This is hilarious! Can we get all sparkly when we three go again?

  4. Yes!!!! The Glitter is cheap, so we can go all out again!!!:)