Dec 4, 2010

Too cute not to share

In the words of Alison... "Cuties!" I love them so much!

Anywho... There are only 12 days until I come home. UNREAL! I'm so insanely excited it's ridiculous... but at the same time, I'm soooo depressed. I've never been so sad about leaving a place before, but that's because I knew I would go back. This time I don't know when or if I'll come back. On a less depressing note, I might go hangliding! A guy from my ward takes people hang gliding as his job, so he tried to take Lucan and I on Tuesday. Sadly but wind died down too much while Lucan was in the air, so I didn't get to go. I'm waiting for the wind to be right so I can go another day. I don't think much else is new, so I will bid you farewell. SEE YOU ALL SOON!!
Peace. Love. Granola.

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