Sep 9, 2010

Harry Potter Legs

A random post so Christine won't feel like she's hogging the blog:

Last night I was sitting holding my neighbors baby, when my little cousin Braedyn(3) comes in and sits next to me. She loves to stroke baby Anders hair because it is so soft. When she went to put her arm down she bumped my leg. Feeling the tiny hairs, she started rubbing my leg. And this is how the conversation went...
Tori- "Sorry, my legs are hairy. I need to shave."
Braedyn-"Your legs are hairy?"
Continues to feel my leg
Braedyn- "Like Harry Potter?"

Hahaha!!! At that moment I almost felt epic with my unshaved legs.

Hakuna Matata!



  1. Obviously, they don't notice or care.

  2. ok number one, i totally tried to use this background and it wouldnt work for me, and number two how did you get the like love dislike thing?
    and finally
    that is super cute, i have myself some harry potter legs too.

  3. I don't really remember actually how I got the love like dislike ... I think I clicked on edit posts when you're in the layout editing(the place where you go to change the background and you can edit the heading, gadgets, etc and the posts one is the big one in the middle). And then in there somewhere it had the option of having the buttons, I think the default ones are funny and something else, but you can type in whatever you want. Hope that helps!