Sep 11, 2010

1 Apostle+ Two Seventies= AMAZING Fireside

Tonight 16 Stakes of YSA's in the Eugene, OR area (pretty much anywhere in the state) gathered to listen to Elder Bednar speak. He came with two members of the seventy, Elder Ringwood, and Elder Malm. I got there early enough that I could sit up front, and lucky me, I honestly think that I had the best seat even though I was in a side bench, occasionally they each looked me straight in the eye when they spoke and it made it feel like they were really talking to me. It was such a spiritual night. When Elder Bednar first walked into the chapel everyone stood and for the first time since I had been sitting there the entire chapel was silent. It was awesome.
Elder Ringwood was the first to speak to us, he said that when he entered the room he had an experience, that we had reminded him of a scripture that says, "the foundation of God standeth sure". Instantly you could feel the spirit and already I was trying not cry. He only spoke for maybe 5 minutes bearing his testimony.
Then Elder Malm stood and also spoke to us for only 5 minutes bearing his testimony. He had such a genuine smile that you just knew it was because he could feel the spirit. He also has a Swedish accent so it was really fun to hear him speak.
By now only 15 min of the two hour allotted time had gone by, so I figured that Elder Bednar must be speaking to us for the rest. When he stood, all I could think was "this is amazing, this is amazing!" First he bore his testimony, it was such a blessing to be in the presence of an Apostle, the truthfulness of this gospel was just overwhelming my heart and I couldn't stop smiling for most of the fireside.
But it was really interesting when Elder Bednar finished his testimony he told us that this fireside would probably be different from any other church meeting we had ever attended. He told us that we would do a question and answer type of session. They had a couple microphones spread out across the chapel and gym and they let us ask questions. (not silly questions like "Just how far is Kolob?" he said he didn't know or care haha he's actually really really funny and had everyone laughing multiple times and said "It's called the plan of Happiness, so we should take advantage of it.") But he wanted really sincere questions. It was so neat because Elder Bednar would direct and usually answer part of the question and then call upon Elder Ringwood and/or Elder Malm and have them answer it too. The best part was because they couldn't possibly know what we were going to ask them, all the answers they gave us were led by the spirit. I can't even remember everything they taught us, all I know is that with everything they were saying, in my heart all I was feeling was 'this is true'.
At the very end Elder Brinkerhoff(our area seventy), Elder Malm, Elder Ringwood, and Elder Bednar all bore there testimonies. Even though they had already given them a few times through out the meeting, the ones they left us with were even more spiritual and watching them bear witness with tears running down there faces was an experience I will never forget. After the meeting I had the opportunity to shake all of there hands. I knew that I was in the presence of great men.
It was one of the most spiritually amazing nights that I have ever had. I love this Gospel, it just makes so much sense.


  1. Tori,
    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a great experience. I hope it's okay that I copied it and sent it to Barry.

  2. Oh my gosh, that's so cool! I wish I was there!!! Wow, to be able to talk with an apostle of God, and ask questions, what a great experience!