Apr 11, 2010

Nasty Fridge... Prelude to Clean Checks

last week sometime Christine (me) and Alison went through all of the nasty food in our fridge and washed all of the tupperware (well, Alison didn't help wash it lol). I just had a fun time watching Alison freak out as I dumped all the food in the bag haha.

Also, on Friday we all had to clean the apartment for white glove clean checks. We pretty much spent the entire day on it, and Tori spent the longest because she had to clean the kitchen and it took over 6 hours to do. Crazy stuff! But now we're home and we're all really happy inside! The weather is BEAUTIFUL! You have no idea how much we all missed the green :)


  1. i told you NOT to post this... im gonna kill you when you get back! ergh jk! im glad its pretty there. its pretty here too but not your kind of pretty, idaho kind of pretty

  2. poor tori. how'd she get stuck with the kitchen?

    GLEE party???