Apr 15, 2010

Lunch with the most fabulous Rachel :)

So yesterday Tori, Ariel, Mikaylah, Rachel, and I (Christine) got together for lunch at Papa's Pizza. It was so fun, and Christian entertained us. Here is why...

What cuties!

In Delaney's pants, Christian lovingly placed two balls from the ball pit. He then dragged her all the way over to the table to show us. Hahaha!

And this is what else Christian was doing with the balls from the ball pit. SO funny!!!!

Also, in other news: Christine bought her mandolin yesterday!! This is what it looks like
And this is something I made up, and kinda improvised as I played. It sounds cool though I think :)


  1. The most fabulous??? WOW. I'm blushing.
    I love you girls more than you know!
    Thanks for the cute pics of my babes. :)

    For only having that mandolin for a few days you're amazing!!!

  2. o wow! that made me laugh so hard that i am choking now...literally! i cant breathe! So jealous that i couldnt be with you guys! im sure you had fun though!
    i'm so excited for the mandolin its RIDICULOUS!its so pretty and good job at the imrov...it sounds pretty!
    love you guys and miss you