Apr 8, 2010

Ariel's Shuttle Accident

So as some as you already know, Ariel was riding the salt lake express back to Rexburg really late Monday night and was suppose to get in around 2 am. That night it snowed like a mad man and I (Tori) was suppose to pick up Ariel from the Hart building as soon as she called me. At 3:30 I woke up and wondered how come I hadn't heard from her yet, checking my phone I found a Text message that basically said that the shuttle had flipped and she was okay but they were taking everyone to the hospital. Poor Ariel didn't make it home tell 7am:( and it's finals week.

Ariel was drugged with muscle relaxants and pain killers and when she came in the door she was pretty loopy and could barely stay awake. She told me that only 3 people had their seat belts on, her, the driver, and one other. The Shuttle had an unnecessary trailer on the back and it start fishtailing then the whole van slid off the road into a ditch and flipped over. A cowboy that was not buckled fell right on top of her, he's completely fine, but now she's somewhat damaged. She's having back, shoulder, and a little neck pain.

We've still got her on the drugs and we find her pretty hilarious when she's on them. Her Accident really had us freaked for a while and were all really glad to have her home and safe. But for those who like a glimpse of Ariel loopy, here is a link to our roommate Alison's blog. She posted a video of her on her high. The video says it's 22 min long but it's only like ten.

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  1. Poor Ariel. :-( I'm glad she has such awesome friends to take care of her!!! xoxoxo!

    PS...Oprah is looking for Twilight fans! I think you guys should apply! I mean really...who else has covered themselves with glitter and taken Edward everywhere they go?!