Mar 17, 2010

So lately...

Christine: "Where's One Tree Hill?"
Tori: "That's a good question."
It was in Tori's room, on her desk... what the heck. Haha.

Christine here. So not too much is new with us, I just decided it was about time for another blog post. I do have some embarrassing stories though. So last Tuesday was devotional day, and I wore these heels that are like 4.5 inches and kind of deathly. So then I was walking downstairs after class and texting my friend. Then the front of the shoe slipped off the step, and I grabbed the rail so I wouldn't fall on my face, and ended up falling down 5 or 6 steps backwards! AND I was wearing a dress, AND I flashed some boys. Yikes. I also gave myself some fatty bruises from that fall. I realized that I can't go more than a week without giving myself a new bruise. I am just injury proned I suppose.
So I've gotten to play ultimate lately! I'm not gonna lie, people here are not nearly as intense as in Eugene, but ultimate is ultimate. They call "bids" "dives"... that part kind of bugs me, haha. And they don't know what a layout or a sky is. But anyway, I've been playing every Tuesday for the past 3 weeks, and the last few weekends I got to play too. And I made a friend who played UPA ultimate in high school, and knows all the terms, and he's a baller.
Oh! Something I don't think we blogged about ... Nathan (my boy) tried out for guitars unplugged and got in! And he also made it into the best of show, and played for almost 4000 people!! Crazy huh?
Funny Story!!! Actually three funny stories... I've embarrassed myself a lot lately. So I was talking to a guy who helped organize ultimate here on facebook, and he said something about the tournament that I'm going to try to play in... and I meant to respond "ok sweet" but accidentally typed "ok sweety"... hahaha. He's married with kids... awkward!! He knew it was a typo but still... Funny story #2: I was giving Nathan a hug goodnight, and he was on the edge of the stairs and he was leaning back, I thought his foot was back, and he said "woah! you're trying to push me over" and since I thought his foot was back, I pretended to push him, but then we actually fell back down the stairs. Oh man... funny... got another bruise... Funny story #3: Last night I sat up in bed when Ariel came in and asked "where are we going!?!" and I asked a few times and then she convinced me to go back to sleep. Haha... oh man...
Peace out, the end.

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  1. Were you on Ambien??? LOL

    You are too funny and yes, major accident prone. I love the image of you in your heels flashing the boys. hee hee!!

    Miss you and love you. Keep the posts comin.