Mar 7, 2010

Random Update

We haven't posted any thing lately so we thought we would do a quick update just for fun.

Christine is still a balla and I'm pretty sure she always will be. Her and Nathan are still together and we love Nathan he cracks us up. Christine has gotten to play a little bit of Ultimate Frisbee lately to, which makes her uber happy! She also plays on a rec. basketball team and is one of their best players. Her Guitar is a guy magnet...(too bad she's already taken). She's also recently learned that our bathroom is the best place to play her guitar because it has the best acoustics.

Ariel is just simply Amazing. It's hilarious to watch her talk to strangers because she is so freaking good at it. The girl can get almost any kid to talk to her and as much as we hate her for talking to all the hotties were secretly just jealous of her wicked awesome conversational skills. Her and Tori love night walks! Even though it's super cold outside, it feels so good to be outside walking and talking. Yesterday Ariel embraced the good weather and went hiking with a few kids in our ward.

And me (Tori) well I'm just trying to get through the rest of this semester. School just takes it right out of me. We've been here for two and half months and were just now finally realizing how much work we get done if we go to the library instead of trying to get it done at home. It's finally warming up a little outside and I could not be more excited for spring! Yesterday my friend Nathan (different from Christine's boyfriend, we know way to many Nathan's) checked out Rosario for me because she's been sounding a little weird, turns out there's a crack in my exhaust, he's says she should be fine but were going to check out some junkyards to try and replace it anyways.All of us could not be more excited for spring break! Were all going home for the week and can't wait to see our beautiful GREEN Oregon. Were trying to convince Alison to come along to.College is pretty sweet but were all really excited for spring semester when the weather should be warmer and the snow hopefully gone from campus.


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  2. Wait, what??? What week will you be here????


  3. I think we will all be home around the 10-17th of April. We want to see you Rachel Hansen:) So plan on a date with Mama Cass!