Apr 12, 2011

Hey! Christine here! So a lot has happened lately, sorry for not updating in forever! Um, where to start? The semester is over (finally!), and I think we all got decent grades. We're all enjoying Spring Break right now. Tori went down to Utah to spend time with her family, Ariel brought Kelli to Oregon so she could experience the wonders of beautiful Eugene :). And I stayed in Rexburg because I got a job cleaning apartment complexes. I started Monday and since we've been such excellent cleaners, we're probably going to finish up tomorrow, so it's only a three day job. Thank goodness though! I hate it! Haha.

 Also, for a less recent update, Camden (our apartment complex) raised their Spring prices by $450. When we found that out I had no job and no prospect for a job, so I decided to move back to La Jolla, and the girls decided to stay at Camden. So sadly, we will be separated this semester, but we're only a few blocks away, and we'll still have fun times! And I'm going to room with Alison again, so I won't be alone. It should be great :).

Oh! I just remembered something else that has happened! Our ward had a talent show halfway through the semester and Kelli and Ariel had the genius idea for us to do a dance to the "work out barbie" song. So we all dressed it bright colors and spandex and came up with a routine... Then, when we performed, NO ONE LAUGHED, and we made huge fools out of ourselves. No bueno.

Last weekend Ariel, Kelli, and I got to go down to Utah for conference, and we got to go to Sunday afternoon session. I rode down with my friend Ammon because I had a chemistry lab that ended late. We were about halfway there when his car broke down. We had to get a tow, and then very nice people gave us a ride to Malad (half an hour closer to our destination), and then people came up from Salt Lake to pick us up. Anyway, I got there and had a way good weekend.

So I can't think of any other updates, so I'll just load a few pics from the semester.

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