Feb 22, 2011

You've Been Punk'd!

So we came home from church on Sunday and our apartment looked like this:

We couldn't figure out who the heck could have done it, everyone we thought of was either out of town or at church with us (or so we thought). We eventually found out later that someone popcorned our FHE brothers' apartment, and they thought it was us, so they left church during Sunday school, broke into our apartment, and flipped everything upside-down. So now, they owe us dinner :) Then, Monday night we dropped off a bag of popcorn on their doorstep with a note saying "Ha ha! You'll never know." We didn't do the original popcorn prank, but they were really confused who did it, so we thought we'd try to confuse them even more, haha.

More updates coming soon.

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