Oct 16, 2010

Tassie! (Tazzy)

Last Saturday Nicci the girlies and I took a trip down to Tasmania to visit Nicci's family and help her parents sell their house. Most of the time I just hung out with the girls, but we did do some pretty amazing things! On Wednesday we went out to Bonorong Wildlife Park to see the animals. We saw tasmanian devils!! Along with wombats, quolls, koalas, and KANGAROOS! At Bonorong they had a whole "Kanga Country" with over 100 kangaroos. It was fantastic. We got to go inside Kanga Country and feed the kangaroos. We got swarmed. So good. We then went to the Cadbury chocolate factory, but only saw the outside because they charged just to go inside the gift shop. Laaaammeee. Cadbury is a pretty big chocolate producer here.

So then the next day, Nicci sent me off on a day trip to see Port Arthur and by golly, it was UH-MAZE-ZING! It had such a creepy feel to it, but at the same time it was gorgeous. It's supposedly extremely haunted, but I had no ghostly encounters thankfully. It's good too because we got there pretty early, and instead of being wiht like 30 people and a guide, I split from the group and went off on my own. I loved exploring by myself! And that way people wouldn't think I was a freak for taking so many pictures, or posing funny in front of things.

Man... I don't even know where to start to tell you about Port Arthur... I'll give you small details, and then add some things in here and there when I put up the pictures. From what I understood of it all, Port Arthur was a place they would send convicts who were "trouble". The convicts that went to port arthur either actually caused trouble after being convicted, were shady characters, or there was "no place" for them anywhere else. What's ridiculous is people would be convicted for SO LONG for the tiniest crimes. Like 7 years for stealing a watch. I don't know much about prison sentences, but I think these days people would get like maybe... maybe a week for stealing a watch... if they're being harsh. So anywho, they were really harsh on the convicts... they had strict working schedules and weren't allowed to talk to anyone. A lot of people died, mostly convixts, out there which is why it's supposedly so haunted. There's an island "Isle of the Dead" that they burried over 1000 dead convicts and guards and reverends and whatnot. The place was up and running for a little over 40 years in the mid 1800's and then closed down (I think 1897 possibly). Then there was a bush fire or something of the sort that wiped out quite a bit of the area. A lot of the houses and things that used to be there are gone. But there are a few buildings still standing strong and beautiful. As creepy as the place was, it was absolutely stunning. Take a look at my pictures!!

 This, my friends, is the cute and not-so-cuddly TASMANIAN DEVIL! Ta da!! To be honest I think they're rather ugly... They're pretty short, fat and stubby little things. But still awesome none-the-less. I think the Tassie devils were bridie's favorite animal! Check out this video of her. I call it her "tasmanian devil cry" so fetching adorable. I love her to pieces.

So Bonorong had a place they called "Kanga Country" where there were literally hundreds of kangaroos just lounging around. Hundreds of FRIENDLY kangaroos! You can see quite a few in the background. We were allowed to go in and feed them too. At first Nicci held Olivia and I held Bridie and we fed them and were swarmed. Then I got to be with the kangaroos by myself which was really awesome. If you want to see more pictures of the kangaroos check facebook. I loaded heaps up there.

Hedgehog! So cute!

 So this is where we stopped on the way to Port Arthur. This one on the left is Tasman Arch, the next one is just a lookout of Pirate's Bay, and the second picture up at the top is of Devil's Kitchen. Pretty beautiful :)

I thought this flower was pretty. When I started taking pictures of it I realized there was a bee there.So then I started taking pictures of the bee :)
This is the church in Port Arthur. This is the church in Port Arthur. Port Arthur was a catholic facility, so they made all of the convicts worship on Sundays. As you can sort of tell, it has no roof anymore, and it's all grass on the inside. It is probably the prettiest building in Port Arthur.

So that quote in red I guess was one of the mottos of Port Arthur. I think it's good that they wanted these convicts to believe in God, but I found it interesting that they forced it upon them. They wanted to "grind" these convicts into honest men. Anyway, all very fascinating.

                   So this one is the Penitentiary (which Tori had to teach me how to say haha). The convicts were housed in here. extending on the inside of each of those little windows was a little bed. The men had no personal space, it was just bed and window. Hundreds of them slept in there, and were employed during the day.

This was on the wall leading into the "Separate Prison" which I think is where they kept the more "troublesome" convicts. Below are listed some of the rules. I found that bit very interesting too. They weren't allowed to make any noise whatsoever unless it was during Sunday service.

This one is the chapel inside the Separate Prison. While I was there they were playing a tape of men (supposed to be the prisoners) singing a church hymn in a different language. It gave me the CREEPS because it was a church hymn that we sing all the time. I couldn't figure out which one it was because it wasn't in english, but I don't really want to. It would probably ruin that hymn for me.
Me acting very pensive in front of one of the buildings. Sadly I don't remember which one that was. I think it was just one of the reverend's houses.

One of the windows of the Penitentiary.

Me pretending to be locked in in the Penitentiary, haha.

A great view of all of Port Arthur. On the left is the Church. That's really the only one you can make out with me in the way of the rest.

There's the Guard Tower, Commandant's house, part of the Penitentiary, and another house from up at my looking rock :)

Guard Tower

Some of the really pretty scenery of Port Arthur.

PS: Sorry about the uber long posts. I'll try to make them shorter from now on :)

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  1. Christine you are just way to cool! I love all your pictures and the video is so adorable! I still really really REALLY want their accent. Please steal, I mean "borrow", it for me. Love ya!!!!