Aug 6, 2010

Australia :)

Christine here!!

It's been precisely one week and four days since I arrived in the beautiful New South Wales, Australia. My mom and grandma aren't as technologically savvy and don't have a facebook, so they haven't seen any pictures yet. Plus I promised I'd blog about what I've been up to, though it's strange not blogging about adventures of Mama Cass.... . Anywho... good times! Back to news from Australia! I haven't done a whole lot yet, other than play with beautiful children and sleep, because I'm lame like that. But I did get a tour of Newcastle area, which is beautiful! I love it! And the beaches are so pretty :) I have also been practicing my driving on the "right" side of the road... That's still way weird. I feel like my brain is backwards or something, I don't even know. I also have to look for which side the steering wheel is on before I decide which side of the car to walk to, haha. I'm still not completely adjusted to the time difference, but that's because I'm asleep by 9pm every night (which is like 5am back in Idaho) and I wake up around 6am... At the moment it's 9:35pm here, so I'm doing pretty well. Anyway, I tried to go play some pick up ultimate in Newcastle, but no one showed up sadly. Oh! And Sunday I went to church! That was great, I met two girls who seem really welcoming and friendly. The sad thing is though, there are like maybe 8 YSA's in the ward, so the YSA scene isn't so big. There is a cruise/party ship thing on October 1st for all YSA's in New South Wales! That should be really fun!

So the family!! Oh man, they're great! And I'm not just saying that because Nicci has found the blog ;) I'm saying it because it's true. Olivia is a very smart 4 year old, and a lot of fun. She loves to dance and sing, she's an entertainer! Bridie is probably one of the cutest babies ever... I hope that when I have babies they're that cute. And she's the sweetest thing. Adam is really nice, and a really good daddy. I feel like I often see dads handing all the work over to the mom, and they're completely lost when it comes to their own kids, but Adam does take over when he has the chance, and he's great with the girls. Nicci is fantastic! I just love her already. She's so kind, and really does all she can to make everyone happy. And I love that she and I can talk about anything, like we've talked about boys and all that. She's also really supportive in whatever I'd like to do (both of them are). So yeah, I just hope the experience is as great for them as it is for me! Because at the moment I feel like I got the better end of the deal!

Anyway, it's way past my bedtime, enjoy the pics!




Beach in Newcastle!

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